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Gaudeamus Igitur - So Let Us Rejoice
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I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1998 after obtaining my MBChB degree. I thereafter relocated to the Western Cape to complete my compulsory Intern- and Community Service years at Helderberg Hospital in Somerset West.

I initially focused my attention on the art of anaesthesia and obtained my Diploma in Anaesthetics through the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa in 

2004 and remained in the Public Service until December 2011. Although I have been exposed to a wide variety of medical disciplines throughout my 19 year career as a medical practitioner, I have however developed a passion for emergency medical care. 

It has never been my intention to seek employment abroad as I feel that the South African population deserves equal, quality medical care and as I deeply value the ethical rules of my profession, I have pledged myself to always put any patient’s well-being first.

I am fully registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (MP 0507628)

It is with pride that I can state today that I am a recovering addict. Through my affiliations with various fellowships, such as AA, NA and CoDA, I have come to believe that recovery is truly possible by following the spiritual principles of honesty, open-mindedness, willingness and humility through the grace of one's Higher Power... one day at a time.


As I continue on my journey of recovery, I can attest to the daily struggles "we" have to overcome- misconceptions and judgments- society in general has been casting on addiction and the recovery process. My Higher Power has compelled me to change this, to raise awareness that addiction has nothing to do with one's willpower; that it should be recognized as The Disease it so rightfully is. 


I shall endeavor and make it my life's mission to change the misguided and naive perceptions...