General Medicine

I believe in the modern approach to medicine where patients are managed on an equal basis, allowing them to engage in the decision making process. Furthermore, my relaxed, "non- white coat approach" makes me easily adaptable to any given situation, ensuring optimal patient care.


Not only do I always strive to render the best possible care to any patient while being under my direct (or indirect) care, whether that is during my contact with him/her as part of my locum tenans services at various private medical facilities, but also when being in contact with a patient in my own private practice.


I am currently full-time employed by a well-known private hospital group in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, thus limiting my time for private practice. I will however gladly offer assistance and advice on any existing medical condition to any patient with whom I've already consulted with and/or clinically examined either via telephonic contact, email or WhatsApp services. 


The lightning of the candle has no religious meaning. It is a symbol of moving out of the darkness of active addiction into the light of recovery...

Shortly after having to come to grips with my own addiction problems, and especially during my early recovery, I became aware of the lack of insight, not only the general population has with regards to the emotional and psychological aspects of the disease and it's direct contribution to certain behavioral patterns related to addiction, but even more so the medical fraternity in general.


I have come to realize that addicts- whatever their "drug of choice"- are viewed with a certain amount of disdain; seen as hopeless individuals that will never again be able to fulfill productive roles in society. I suppose that prior to hitting my own rock bottom and being forced to have a good look at my life and especially viewing the world through the narrow scope of a scientific mind, I did much the same.



Recovery has taught me so much about myself and about the person I truly want to be. It is with this understanding that I am rendering my professional services to help those in search of serenity  to set off on the path of recovery and to attempt to maintain it. 

Although I am not a counselor by any means, I do understand the overwhelming feelings one has to deal with once the realization sets in that life, as it has been known to us before, can no longer continue and the need arises to reach out and ask for help- a very daunting experience.


Through personal experience and by listening to the voices in countless AA-, NA- and CoDA meetings, I have come to realize that there is a specific need for addicts to be heard and understood by the medical professionals... understanding that can only come if the medical professional in question is an addict herself. 


I consider myself to be a gateway between the darkness of active addiction and the light of recovery, ensuring that those who show a willingness to be open-minded, honest and humbled to admit to the problem at hand and to fully commit to recovery, be put in contact with like-minded professionals.


I reserve the right to determine my fee-structure. I do undertake though to manage all patients, whether in a general medical- or addiction related capacity (determined by need and means), either as per medical aid tariffs, private tariffs or pro bono. Travelling expenses, in accordance with AA tariffs, may apply.

Currently I am running a "cash-only" practice and do not submit accounts directly to medical aids. Invoices are however available on request for self-submission to medical aids.